Tiffany Pritchard is a Pilates Foundation member from London's prestigious contemporary dance studio, The Place. Knowledge and experience consists of postural analysis, overall body alignment, injury prevention and rehabilitation and a knowledge of both classical and evolved pilates repertoire (includes use of swiss and chi balls, foam roller, thera-bands, magic circle and free weights).

Born in the United States, Tiffany’s background is sports-based, competing in gymnastics, diving, and swimming at an early age to more recently Masters Club swimming, long distance cycling, 10k running races (with one marathon to date!) and triathlons.

Specific training in Pilates began through rehabilitation treatment for a lower back injury while living in Los Angeles. Upon moving to London over six years ago, she has furthered her training at Tri-Yoga, Royal Free Hospital, The Place Dance Studio and continued workshops through the Pilates Foundation.

Tiffany’s passion for sports and her strong belief in the benefits of pilates for both rehabilitation and injury prevention keep her inspired in helping others work to their full body’s potential. 'If it weren't for pilates, I would not be able to lead such an active lifestyle. I know what it's like to be consumed with a lower back injury, and I don't wish it upon anybody. I truly believe it's all about the core!'

"Tiffany's classes are great for all levels of pilates. Each class is informative, relaxing and a great work-out. She certainly understands her craft and always gives 100% to her pupils. I, a complete novice, started pilates with a view to improving my London Marathon time of 3hrs 30. After 10 weeks of classes with Tiffany my time had improved by 23 minutes!"
Lee Adams
"Pilates with Tiffany has been a life changer! My GP recommended pilates after I had back surgery just over a year ago. It has made a dramatic difference to my flexibility and I no longer feel like an old woman when I get up from my seat! Tiffany has a great understanding of the way muscles work and has designed a perfect program for me with something new to learn each week. I never thought exercise could be such fun. I've spent years sweating it out on treadmills and exercise bikes but nothing has left me as toned as my bi weekly sessions with Tiffany."
Kim Short
"People often say Pilates is for women and I couldn't disagree more! I used to practice martial arts and I can honestly say that Pilates can be just as demanding. Before I started Pilates I would be laid up in bed with back pain at least once or twice a year. I haven't had any back problems since starting Pilates with Tiffany."
Michael Frank
"My work as a dental hygienist involves many hours of sitting and bending, and I suffer from back and neck pain generated from spending years leaning over patients. Within one month of beginning Tiffany's classes, my condition started to improve and I find myself much more aware of my back at work. With my new knowledge I now know how to undo the tension which causes the pain. I would urge anyone suffering from any kind of pain or posture problems to try Pilates."
Marina Salvati
Tiffany Pilates Teaser